Slot Overview: Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels

Like Apple skipping the iPhone 9 in favor of the iPhone X, Money Cart 2 wasn’t released by its creator, Relax Gaming. If you’re still curious about the reasoning for this, a screenshot should clear things out for you. Since its premiere in 2020, the slot Money Train 2 has been featured on several highlight reels. Its fantastic bonus game was the gold standard of hold-and-win features, which is why it became so popular. The footage of gamers annihilating the 50k victory cap came as no surprise.

The success of the bonus round in Money Train 2 prompted the developers at Relax Gaming to go back to the drawing board and create a new version of the game with only that one feature. The new slot that resulted, Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels, eliminated the previous slot’s basic game and instead thrusted players into the action of the original Money Cart Free Spins with every spin.

Relax has left the visuals as they were, with a 5×4 game grid perched atop a gigantic machine that looks like something out of Doc Brown’s nightmare but is actually a train because it travels over rails. The game features a Western theme that has been processed through a Steampunk filter to create an original ambiance that works exceptionally well with the mechanics. The reels spin with a mechanical grinding sound as a severely reverbed guitar plays in the background, creating a suitably ominous mood; nevertheless, as the bonus symbols begin to flood the board and the bullets start flying everywhere, the atmosphere becomes completely bonkers.

Let’s get this out of the way: despite its best efforts, Money Cart 2’s potential is not as amazing as Money Train 2. Advertised maximum payouts are in coin value, not x times the wager, therefore the “up to 50,000” displayed below the logo translates to “only” 5,000x the wager in practice. Despite the diminished potential, other features more than make up for it. The biggest one is the return-to-player percentage (RTP), which, at 98%, is only topped by a select few slots (like Book of 99, also from Relax Gaming). This is exactly the same as the cost of the functionality, and it is more than MT2’s default.

The betting range for Money Cart 2 has increased dramatically, from 20 percent to £/€200 each spin, and it is playable on any device. As expected, volatility has not decreased, which is appropriate considering the series’ reputation for high stakes drama.

Slot Review: Money Cart with Two Extra Reels

With a few tweaks, Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels can serve as a viable substitute to the original Money Train 2. The fact that you get to play the Money Cart bonus game after every spin is the best argument in favor of turning this one on. This keeps the action fresh because the lid can be blown at any time, and the necessary three or more bonus symbols land regularly to activate respins. As you may be aware from personal experience, the first game doesn’t exactly give the most thrilling of basic games, but this sequel often seems like more of a thrill rush than the original.

We’ve all seen how game-changing it can be when the proper symbols appear, also known as the ones that stick around. It’s great fun to see the persistent payer in operation since it keeps firing off symbols after every spin. It’s hard to catch, though, so don’t look for it in every game.

With the elimination of the tedious “base game” requirement, does that mean Money Train 2 may finally be put to rest? Not actually, that is. Both games are distinct enough from one another to attract fans of different types. Money Cart 2 is enticing for players who don’t want to grind through the main game or pay for the bonus since it skips straight to the excitement. However, those looking for a true Money Train 2 experience will find that Money Cart 2 falls short. One’s potential just can’t compare to the other. It’s still a lot of money (5,000 times the investment), but it’s just a tenth as much as its more vicious sister.

But even with competition, Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels succeeds. Starting the hold-and-win function with ordinary stakes is a lot of fun. As the train, er, cart, rolls back into the dust bowl once again, the potential is decent, the RTP is excellent, the speed is unrelenting, and the thrills are many.






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